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Proposed Minimum Wage Rules - Supplemental Public Comment Period

At its meeting on June 28, 2018, the Board of Commissioners resolved that the proposed Rules for Implementation of Minimum Wage Policy for Non-Trade Labor Service Contracts – LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport (“Proposed Minimum Wage Rules") should be published on the website for an additional 30-day comment period. The Board also resolved that commenters should specifically focus on issues related to tipped workers, benefits offsets, street pricing, and small employers; on the effective date of any change to the Port Authority minimum wage at the Airports; and on any other matters commenters deem relevant.

The Proposed Minimum Wage Rules can be accessed by clicking this link.

Comments on the Proposed Minimum Wage Rules can be submitted by email, to wagepolicy@panynj.gov. Comments must be received on or before August 15, 2018.

All comments received on or before August 15, 2018 will be timely provided to the Board of Commissioners by Port Authority staff and will be posted on the public website of the Port Authority, with all identifying information removed, unless the sender of a particular email requests a different course.