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Employee Overtime Hours - Year end, 2018

With respect to basic (“core") operations of the Port Authority, overtime hours in 2018 were within 2% (or 49,000 hours) of budgeted hours. The overage was almost entirely attributable to work needed to install a new signal system on PATH to meet the federally-mandated Positive Train Control compliance deadline of December 2018.

With respect to Port Authority operations that are heavily affected by requirements that vary every year (e.g. snow removal; “non-core" in the table), in 2018, actual overtime required of these special needs/non-core expenditures exceeded the Port Authority's projected and budgeted amounts by 43,000 hours. This overage was entirely attributable to higher than expected snow and ice removal activity.

Overall, the agency was within 4% of budgeted overtime.

Comparing 2018 to 2017, overall overtime hours were flat year-to-year.