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Employee Overtime Hours - Quarter 2, 2017

2nd Quarter 2017 Overtime Highlights

  • Through June, agency core overtime of 957,000 hours was on plan. Core overtime supports non-weather related emergencies, operational, maintenance and security activities.
    • Core civilian overtime hours through the second quarter was 3% over plan, while police core hours were (2%) under plan.
    • Civilian core performance was mainly a result of incremental PATH capital construction in connection with its new Automated Train Control Program.
    • Police core under ran primarily due to fewer than anticipated VIP movements, continued productivity improvements and better balancing of deployment of officers for unplanned events, offset by the need for ongoing police traffic support for the LGA redevelopment efforts.
  • Total agency overtime was 1.1 million hours, which was 3% over plan and primarily driven by police heightened security needs due to immediate and unplanned response for global and domestic terrorist incidents and civil demonstrations at transportation facilities and iconic landmarks. Through June, 41,000 overtime hours have been incurred for heightened security, approximately four times PAPD's annual heightened security overtime budget of 10,000 hours. However, it should be noted that a portion of the cost associated with heightened security hours are currently grant-reimbursable.
  • Total agency overtime cost of $130 million was $5 million, or (3%), under plan and represented 18% of total agency labor expenses for the period. In total, the 2017 overtime expense budget is 4% of the combined operating and capital budgets. Through June, grant reimbursements for heightened security totaled $2 million, or 50% of costs attributable to direct salaries.

Amtrak New York Penn Station Repair Program (July 10 to September 1) – Impact on 2017 Overtime

  • PATH is and will be providing a critical transportation alternative for New Jersey Transit commuters impacted by the summer repair program at New York Penn Station. As such, both PATH and PAPD will incur additional unbudgeted overtime hours, which will be closely monitored.

Mitigation Efforts

  • Workload Studies and Workforce Planning
    • Studies to quantify workload and optimize resource levels continue with findings to be incorporated into the 2018 budget.
  • Training programs to develop ready-to fill labor pools are in progress for various O&M positions, including Airport Operations Agents, Tunnels, Bridges & Terminals Field Supervisors and Tunnel and Bridge Agents.
  • Integrated Absence Program and Absence Management
    • Facility absence assessments are underway.
    • Absence management techniques consistent with existing contracts are being strengthened.
    • Productivity savings equivalent to $5 million annually have resulted since the inception of the program in 2013.
  • Heightened Security
    • In light of increased activity and the strain it places on overall agency security resources, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) has implemented a tiered response plan to effectively manage this risk.