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Employee Overtime Hours - Quarter 1, 2017

1st Quarter 2017 Overtime Highlights

  • Through March, agency core overtime of 423,000 hours was (1%) under plan. Core overtime supports non-weather related emergencies, operational, maintenance and security activities.
    • Core civilian overtime hours through the first quarter was (4%) under plan, while police core hours were 3% over plan.
    • Police core performance was mainly due to higher than anticipated construction support for LGA Redevelopment as well as slight decreases in productivity.
  • Total agency overtime was 566,000 hours, which was 5% over plan and primarily driven by police heightened security needs due to immediate and unplanned response for global and domestic events. Total snow and ice hours were virtually on plan despite a significant storm (Storm Stella) that impacted all facilities in March.
  • Since January, multiple terrorist incidents and civil demonstrations at transportation facilities and iconic landmarks, both international and domestic, have required immediate and unanticipated deployment of PAPD resources in response to the threat landscape. Heightened security hours are grant-reimbursable and through the first quarter, PAPD has exhausted the annual heightened security overtime provision. The Chief Security Officer (CSO) has implemented measures to minimize the impact of these overages while maintaining appropriate security levels and responsiveness to threat levels.
  • Total agency overtime cost of $66.4 million, was $1.4 million, or 2%, over plan prior to expected reimbursements through grants and other recoveries. When considering these anticipated reimbursements, overtime expenses are expected to be under plan.

Mitigation Efforts

  • Workload Studies and Workforce Planning
    • Civilian workload and productivity studies at PATH and Aviation are in progress. Updates will be provided at a later date.
    • Recurring O&M training programs are in progress, including Airport Operations Agents, Tunnels, Bridges & Terminals Field Supervisors and Tunnel and Bridge Agents.
    • CSO will utilize new law enforcement information management system data in order to supplement post deployment analyses.
  • Integrated Absence Program and Absence Management
    • Strengthen absence management techniques consistent with existing contracts.
    • Since program inception in 2013, productivity savings are equivalent to $5 million annually