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Employee Overtime Hours - Employee Overtime Hours - Quarter 4, 2016


  • Through the fourth quarter in 2016, Agency utilized a total 2.2 million overtime hours at a cost of $262 million to ensure that our customers and staff travelled and operated in safe and secure facilities, and that the agency met federal mandates such as rail safety improvements, and addressed our dynamic security, operational and maintenance needs. Of the total hours, 2.1 million core overtime hours were used to support recurring operational, maintenance, construction, security and other emergency workload. Core overtime hours exclude snow and ice support activities.
  • Total overtime hours of 2.2 million hours were 69,600, or 3%, over plan.
  • Total overtime expenses of $262 million was $2.8 million, or 1%, over plan prior to reimbursements and recoveries and represent 17.7% of total labor costs, which is consistent to prior quarters. When considering grant reimbursements and recoveries, total overtime expense was $10 million, or 5%, under plan.
  • Police incurred over 67,000 heightened security-related overtime hours and received $10.6 million in grant reimbursements.
  • Significant civilian core overtime hours were devoted to the acceleration of the PATH Train Control System program to ensure the agency is on track to meet the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) mandate for compliance to Positive Train Control (PTC) safety requirements by year-end 2018.


  • The agency Integrated Absence Management Program has saved $988,000 since program inception and by leveraging ScheduleSoft, there has been a 325% reduction in police grievances.
  • Workforce planning programs, including early recruitment and training efforts for select positions have been successful and yielded an available and qualified pool of staff.


  • The 2017 agency overtime budget is 2.11 million hours and $268 million, which reflects a 1% reduction in hours from 2016.
  • While snow and ice hours remain virtually flat, core overtime hours reflect a 1% reduction primarily driven by anticipated positive impact of the 114th police class recruits, efficiencies gained in the police recruit investigation process and small productivity improvements. These savings offset new police workload associated with airport terminal coverage, one-time record management training and civilian increases for capital support associated with major, concurrent projects, including JFK Runway 4R/22L and airfield circuit replacement, increased fleet maintenance and airfield striping and signage needs.