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Employee Overtime Hours - Quarter 1, 2016


  • Through the first quarter, total Agency overtime of 506,000 hours was 20,000 hours, or 4%, lower than plan, as well as 7% lower than last year. Total overtime expenses of $59 million were $3 million, or 5% lower than plan.
  • Total Civilian, Police and ARFF core overtime, which excludes hours associated with snow and ice activities, totaled 391,000 hours, 43,000 hours or 10% under plan. Core overtime hours support our recurring operating, maintenance and construction work.
  • Compared to the same period last year, the agency used an additional 39,000 hours of core overtime to cover higher police attrition and hours associated with recruiting the new police cadet class, maintenance and capital workload.
  • Winter Storm Jonas brought record-breaking snow accumulation across our facilities, especially for John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia airports, where single day accumulations were reported to be 31" and 28", respectively. Including Jonas, there were eleven events compared to a plan that anticipated nine events. As a result, snow and ice overtime was 23,000 hours, or 25% over plan.
  • Agency established thresholds to monitor overtime as a percent of base salary on an on-going basis, as this is another measure that is used by other agencies to characterize and measure overtime expenditures against plan, taking into account total labor expenditures and important considerations such as unplanned events, vacancies, attrition, and sick/injury-on-duty. Using this metric, first quarter overtime expenses were 17% of total labor throughout the agency, which was $3 million under plan.


  • Integrated Absence Program – The program continues to reduce unscheduled absence, with the agency's average lost days per employee due to sick and Injury-On-Duty (IOD) decreasing by 16% and by 7%, respectively.
  • Police – Police continue to focus on sick and IOD trends, enforce proper secondary post coverage and review work chart distribution and court appearance requirements for improved scheduling. In addition, the 114th recruit class will begin in June, with new officers scheduled to graduate in December.
  • Tunnels, Bridges & Terminals (TB&T) - In order to bring staff into the ranks quicker, staff are collaborating to increase the available pool of qualified Patron Services Supervisors through additional training programs. Because these positions are critical key-to-key positions, this effort will fill positions more quickly thereby mitigating overtime.
  • Enhanced Overtime Procedures - The agency continues to perform audits on the overall overtime justification and tracking process and the average compliance rate has improved from 65% from the launch of the compliance program to 98% during the most recent audits.