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Employee Overtime Hours - Quarter 4 - 2014

  • Agency-wide overtime hours usage in the 4th quarter was down 12.6% (75K hours) from the 3rd quarter, led by PAPD, which demonstrated a 30% decline due to the benefit of the new police class.
  • Throughout 2014, the agency continuously strived to utilize the most cost effective approach to manage unplanned, non-recurring and unavoidable workload. By balancing internal staff, external resources and overtime usage (totaling 2.4 million hours, 581K hours, or 33%, over plan), the agency met its operational, maintenance and security commitments. Notably, the agency delivered the following: 
    • Provided seamless agency-wide operational support and patron services for the one-time Super Bowl event.
    • Enhanced frequency of train service, approximately 10 incremental trains per day, to support the Pulaski Skyway closure as part of NJDOT’s Transportation Management Plan to mitigate traveler and commuter delays, for which we are seeking reimbursement from Lincoln Tunnel Access project funding.
    • Addressed regulatory requirements
      • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandated airfield maintenance compliance requirements at John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and LaGuardia (LGA) Airports
      • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) mandated Automatic Train Control installations and PA-5 car modifications
    • Supported significant construction project schedules, some of which were accelerated for operational or other business justifications
      • Airfield rehabilitation projects, including Newark Airport (EWR) runway 4L-22R
      • Bayonne Bridge Navigational Clearance project
      • Sandy recovery and other agency priority construction projects
    • Heightened security levels as dictated by world events and other heightened security initiatives and participated in full-scale exercises with mutual aid partners
    • Maintained facility operations even during periods of higher unplanned absences and vacancies
  • Total agency 2014 overtime expenses were $250 million, $43 million, or 21%, over plan, and represented 18.5% of total labor expenses. In addition, approximately 56% ($24 million) of the $43 million overrun was recovered through flight fees, grants and other reimbursements, resulting in a year-end net impact of $19 million.

2014 4th Quarter Civilian Overtime Performance

    • Incurred 1.3 million overtime hours, 42% (380K hours) over plan and 23% (243K hours) higher than 2013. Total civilian overtime expenses were $115 million, 36% ($31 million) over plan.
    • 52% of the total budgeted civilian overrun was attributable to extreme weather, Sandy recovery and other emergency responses. Based on a 5-year average of snow data between 2008 and 2012, the 2014 budget assumed an average of ten snow events per year, with an annual accumulation of 32.5 inches. Through December, the New York City area experienced 15 snow events, with a snow total of 49 inches, 51% greater than the 5-year average.
    • When excluding PATH and Aviation, civilian core performance through the year-end was 1% over plan.

2014 4th Quarter Police Overtime Performance

    • Continued to manage to total workload and 1.1 million overtime hours, 23% (201K hours) over plan and 5% (51K hours) over 2013. Total police overtime expenses were $135 million, 10% ($12 million) over plan.
    • Police received $10 million from grant recoveries and other reimbursements. The benefit of the new class also continued with the decline in monthly police officer overtime usage and improvement to productivity in the fourth quarter. Of note, Public Safety’s fourth quarter overtime hours were 38% (90K hours) lower than the same period in 2013.


  • The 2015 total agency overtime budget is 1.7 million overtime hours and $204 million.  This budget incorporated a new baseline that balances new civilian and police workload and resource levels, while remaining focused on core, recurring operational, maintenance, capital construction and security workload and presents a decrease of 57K hours from the 2014 budget.  In addition, based on the anticipated impact of the new recruits, the 2015 police overtime budget reflected a decrease of 350K hours as compared to 2014 actual performance.
  • In 2015, the Overtime Steering Committee, comprised of the Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Human Capital, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Security Officer, will continue to spearhead overall agency overtime management and support  overarching overtime mitigation strategies, including:
    • Instituted Departmental Overtime Strategy whereby departments presented and had overtime mitigation strategies for 2015 approved
    • Reinforce departmental accountability
    • Balance workload and resources
    • Training and empowerment
    • Analysis, Systems and Processes