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Employee Overtime Hours - Quarter 3 - 2012

Third Quarter, 2012

Some of the significant overtime usage highlights through the 3rd Quarter of this year are:

  • There were 1.2 million overtime hours worked year-to-date through the 3rd Quarter 2012, which was 194,000 hours or approximately 14% less than the same period last year.
  • Port Authority Line Departments were on budget through the 3rd quarter with 542,000 overtime hours, which was about 180,000 hours or 25% less than the comparable period in 2011.
  • Overall, Public Safety worked 578,000 hours of overtime, 244,000 hours or 73% higher than budgeted, and 41,000 hours or 8% more than actual usage in 2011 over the same period.
  • Actual overtime usage by Other Departments was over budget by 14,000 hours but under 2011 actual hours for the first three quarters by 56,000 hours or 32%.