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Employee Overtime Hours - Quarter 2 - 2012

Second Quarter, 2012

Some of the significant overtime usage highlights through the 2nd Quarter of this year are:

  • There were 768,000 hours of overtime hours worked, which is 130,000 hours or approximately 14.5% less than the same period last year. This continues the agency on the same pace of improvement established in the 1st Quarter where we also incurred approximately 14% fewer overtime hours than the comparable period in 2011.
  • Comparing overtime hours in the 2nd Quarter to the 1st Quarter this year, there was an agency-wide decrease of approximately 48,000 hours or 13%. Excluding overtime hours for snow and ice, the agency worked 24,000 hours less overtime in the 2nd Quarter.
  • Port Authority Line Departments incurred 342,000 overtime hours, which is about 29,000 hours or 7.7% less than budgeted, and 31% less than the comparable period in 2011. This improvement over 2011 is due primarily to an unusually mild winter season, partially offset by coverage needs.
  • When normalizing the data by excluding snow and ice-related overtime, it is noteworthy that line departments reduced their overtime usage by 70,000 hours or nearly 18% compared to the first two quarters in 2011 and our other departments decreased their overtime hours by 9,000 hours or 12%. Public Safety‚Äôs overtime during the same time increased by 65,000 hours or almost 23%.
  • Overall, Public Safety worked 353,000 hours of overtime, which is 130,000 hours or almost 59% more than budgeted. The increase is attributed to: staffing new posts for the 9/11 Memorial at the WTC site, higher use of K9 units and allocation of policing and security resources based on security alerts, more arrests and court time, backfilling for officers in training, and sick/injury-on-duty coverage. While Public Safety was over plan through the first two quarters, it is significant to note that the Public Safety Department reduced its overtime usage by 27,000 hours or 14% in the 2nd Quarter compared to the 1st Quarter. We continue to be highly focused on reducing overtime in our Public Safety Department, without compromising the safety and security of our facilities and customers.
  • Actual overtime usage by other departments was on budget. However, the Engineering Department worked almost 29,000 overtime hours, which is 3,000 hours or 12% more than budgeted. These hours were necessary in order to minimize negative impact to the public by performing construction related work during off-peak hours and on weekends, as well as to test concrete and steel for WTC reconstruction.