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Employee Overtime Hours - Quarter 1 - 2012

First Quarter, 2012

During the first quarter of 2012, the Port Authority authorized approximately 408,000 hours of overtime, which was approximately 13.7% higher than budgeted, although down 14% versus the prior year period due primarily to the milder winter season.  The primary drivers of this overtime included: maintaining facility operations, off-hours support, contingent events, security needs and policing activities.  Some of the more significant highlights from the quarter were:

  • 1st Quarter Year 2012 is nearly 14% below overtime for the same period in 2011.
  • Port Authority line departments used approximately 177,000 overtime hours, which was about 14% less than anticipated. Maintaining facility coverage overran the planned overtime hours however this was more than offset by a reduction in planned overtime usage for snow and ice removal, due to an unusually mild winter season.
  • Public Safety logged approximately 190,000 hours of overtime, or almost 72% more than planned. Some of the key reasons were for staffing the new 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site, backfilling for officers in training, more arrests and court time, sick/injury-on-duty coverage, higher use of K9’s and new counter terrorism initiatives.
  • Actual overtime usage by other departments was on target with nearly 41,000 hours budgeted. However, the engineering department worked almost 15,000 overtime hours, 29 percent more than budgeted. The extra hours were to keep to schedules, accommodate off hours and weekend construction, and test concrete and steel for WTC reconstruction.

Enhanced overtime authorization procedures have been put in place to strengthen management oversight as part of our continuing efforts to control overtime.  In addition, the new Acting Chief of the Port Authority Police Department has been charged with focusing on Public Safety overtime as part of our broader security review and reform initiatives.