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Employee Overtime Hours - Year-end, 2019

With respect to basic (“core") operations of the Port Authority, overtime hours in 2019 were 8% over the Agency's planned overtime expenses. The increased number of core overtime hours compared to budget was driven by the following factors:

  • PATH: Accounted for more than half of core overtime utilized above budget across the Agency. This overtime was incurred to (1) accelerate implementation of the PATH Improvement Plan (announced in Q2 2019) to reduce delays; and (2) accelerate Superstorm Sandy repairs to PATH's downtown Hudson River tunnels in order to reduce the duration of weekend World Trade Center Station Outages (a source of great frustration and inconvenience for PATH riders).
  • Aviation: Core overtime hours utilized above budget were required primarily to (1) urgently complete JFK Runway 13L-31R ahead of the busy 2019 holiday travel season; (2) accelerate repair of one of LaGuardia's two runways and one of its most heavily trafficked taxiways to maintain compliance with safety and regulatory standards; and (3) complete several other emergency repair projects.
  • PAPD: Core overtime hours above budget were primarily required to support the increasingly intense need for traffic management at LGA, during construction.
  • Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals: Core overtime hours utilized above budget were required to (1) staff a newly-established Emergency Operations Center at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, opened following significant disruptions to the facility's operations during November 2018's Winter Storm Avery; (2) respond to emergency and recovery activities related to the blackout on Manhattan's West Side; and (3) cleanup Route 495 following a major collision in which a truck drove off an overpass into a bus on the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel.

In 2019, actual overtime utilization for special needs/non-core expenditures in excess of budgeted amounts was completely related to an unusually high need in Q1 2019 for snow and ice treatment and removal.

Comparing actual overtime utilization in 2019 to 2018, growth in overtime utilization was heavily related to increased need for traffic management related to LaGuardia construction, accelerated work on the PATH Improvement Plan, emergency response and recovery activities at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Lincoln Tunnel, and urgent airside rehabilitation projects at JFK and LGA airports.

Overall overtime hours in 2019 were up 7% over the same period in 2019.